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JH Girls Basketball


Morrisonville Jr/Sr High School
204 North Perrine St
Morrisonville, IL  62546

Games for the Morrisonville/Panhandle Jr. High Sports are held in the Morrisonville HS Gym or Multi-purpose room at 204 North Perrine. Parking is located across the street from the Gymnasium entrance on the east side of Perrine St.

Junior High Softball games are played at the PMRA Diamond on the corner of Monroe and 1st Street. Junior High Baseball games are played at Memorial Field located on the corner of Wyandotte and County 10.

High School sports for the Morrisonville/Panhandle co-operative are held at Lincolnwood High School and subsequent playing fields. The address for Lincolnwood High School is 507 N. Prairie St. in Raymond.


Morrisonville Jr. & Sr. High has been active in several sports co-operatives in the last two decades. MHS Students have participated in football as part of the South Fork HS program since 1991, and have been part of the South Fork girls basketball program for nearly a decade. More recently MHS students became part of the Lincolnwood Boys Soccer and Girls and Boys Golf teams as part of Coop teams hosted by the Lancers. At the Jr High Level, Morrisonville students have participated with South Fork in Girls Basketball and have had Edinburg and South Fork players come to us for Jr High Baseball. We have also participated in track through Pawnee High School.

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, all high school sports became co-operative with Lincolnwood High School and based out of Raymond. The exception to this is that Morrisonville students have the option to continue to participate in Football at South Fork High School and with Pawnee High School for Track. All Jr. High Sports for both Panhandle and Morrisonville School Districts are co-operative and based out of Morrisonville. These agreements are re-evaluated every two years.